About us


Caucasus Dialogue (CD) was founded to be a network organization that in 2000 united leaders of some Georgian NGOs involved in Georgian-Abkhazian dialogue. From 2000 to 2007 through CD was a Georgian partner in the project of “Confidence Building between the Georgian and Abkhazian Societies with the Participation of Caucasus Forum”. The project became possible with support and mediation of the British NGO “International Alert”. The project developed in three formats: Caucasus, Georgian-Abkhazian and intrasocieties. The interaction of these formats contributed to better understanding of both the conflicts and the regional context and to the cooperation in the area of common interests of particular professional and social groups – women (Caucasus Women’s League), young reporters, ex-combatants, historians and writers. Joint studies were conducted on the subject of the state of women in Caucasus, human security issues etc.

Over the last years Caucasus Dialogue has been working on so called archival projects directed at the contribution to recovery of Abkhazian and South Ossetian archives that were harmed during the conflicts. The projects of this line were supported by the COBERM program (A joint EU-UNDP initiative) and the British Embassy to Georgia.

The area of interests of CD covers also the state of IDPs from Abkhazia. In particular, the issues of integrations and raising awareness of the IDPs. A range of studies have been conducted and some publications have been issued on the mentioned subjects.

The Board of Caucasus Dialogue is made up of the people of considerable experience in civil and peace-making activities; George Anchabadze (the head of the Board), Vaktang Kolbaia, Marina Pagava, Nodar Sarjveladze, Nugzar Duduchava.